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Superior client service is what sets our boutique firm apart from the competition

Hope-Selkin Law is a full service law firm, specializing in Employment Law, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Wills & Estates, and Litigation. Superior client service is what sets our boutique firm apart from the competition, as Hope-Selkin Law regards its clients' needs as paramount. Our Client-Service Philosophy is backed by our vow to respond to an existing client's telephone call within 24 hours. We are a law firm that genuinely cares about our clients and truly values their business. Hope-Selkin Law is founded on "client focused and results driven legal representation." We listen to your concerns and needs and tailor our representation to your unique matter. We care about you, the client, and integrity is at the core of our firm's values.

At Hope-Selkin Law, our experience and training enable us to provide the full range of legal services expected of a larger firm without the overhead and extraneous expenses. This lean and well managed structure is therefore passed on to the client in the form of lower base rates and value-based alternative pricing, where appropriate.

At Hope-Selkin Law we pride ourselves on listening to our clients' individual needs, because without truly listening, it is impossible for any firm to meet, let alone exceed the client's expectations. Our mantra is to listen first, assess the complexity of the matter, and provide realistic solutions to our client's legal or business problem. We work together with the client taking into account their budget, individual circumstances, business strategy and cultural considerations to craft a comprehensive array of options for resolution.

Our clients' satisfaction defines our success, therefore communication is key. To ensure satisfaction, we focus our efforts on providing timely, accurate and practical legal counsel. We provide sound solutions to our clients' legal problems in a personalized, responsive, and cost-effective manner

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